Bring your Recyclables to the Earth Day Fair!

Spring clean your home at Montgomery Township’s Earth Day Fair! During the Fair we will be collecting a number of materials so that they be reused or recycled and not end up in area landfills.

Get ready now and start setting aside your materials!

NOTE: This list is from April 2015.

Books Mary Jacobs Library will be hosting a paperback book exchange at the Fair: bring a book, take a book.
Electronics NewTech Recycling (, Somerset County’s designated e-trash recycler, will be collecting items like cell phones, personal computers  & peripherals, cables, speakers, TVs, printers/scanners, & telephone systems
 Games & DVDs  Girl Scout Troop 61279 will be collecting USED (playable) video games, DVD movies, & teen books to create a Positive Exchange Store at the Carrier Clinic East Mountain Youth Lodge
Metals Klein Recycling will have an open dumpster  for collecting anything with metal: mowers, file cabinets, hangers, tools, yard furniture, pots/pans, clean aluminium or tin pie pans, irons, ironing boards, wire desk accessories, plastic coated items ( like wire shelving).
Prescription Drugs There will be a drop-off at the Fair supervised by the Somerset County Sheriff’s office. Please remove any personal information from containers. No needles or sharps will be accepted.
Shredding of Documents Residents of Montgomery Township with proof of residence can bring recyclable paper to a shredder at the high school and securely dispose of documents, check stubs, medical records and other sensitive materials – no need to remove staples or paper clips. NexCut will shred the paper but won’t accept binders.

Interested in coordinating a collection? Contact the Earth Day Fair coordinator via Check back for updates as collections are confirmed!




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