10th Annual Earth Day Fair to be a Special Event

Montgomery’s Earth Day Fair on April 19th will be special this year, its 10th year running. The event is organized by the Montgomery Township Environmental Commission and Sustainable Montgomery. The emphasis is on fun, hands-on learning and recycling.

The Jersey Junket Cajun Band will be there. So will Otto the Balloon Man, a favorite with children, and local dance groups.

Recycling companies will be ready to take hard-to-dispose-of metals and e-trash—even lawn mowers, metal shelving, computer monitors, printers and scanners. The Somerset County Sheriff’s office will accept unwanted prescription and over-the-counter drugs. There will be free seedlings and instructions on how to nurture them as dozens of exhibitors help celebrate the 10th fair from noon to 4 p.m. at Montgomery High School, 1016 Rt. 601, Skillman, NJ 08558.

“The fair, its exhibits and activities are free. The fair has attracted as many as a thousand people in recent years,” said Mary Reece, chairperson of Montgomery Township’s Environmental Commission.  “We are looking forward to welcoming one and all, rain or shine. This is a perfect time to enjoy entertainment and exhibits at the fair and to drop off the recyclables you found when you were finishing up spring cleaning. Recyclers will be waiting.”

Last year 2,820 pounds of metal and 9,780 pounds of electronics were recycled at the fair.

Rx, Electronics & Metals Recycling, Paper Shredding Available.

NewTech Recycling will be recycling unwanted cell phones, computers, cables, speakers and printers.

Klein Recycling will be collecting metal, including file cabinet, tools, pots and pans and yard furniture.

For those who want to recycle prescription and over-the-counter drugs to avoid polluting drinking water, there will be a drop-off at the Fair supervised by the Somerset County Sheriff’s office. Please remove any personal information from containers. No needles or sharps will be accepted.

Residents of Montgomery Township with proof of residence can bring recyclable paper to a shredder at the high school and securely dispose of documents, check stubs, medical records and other sensitive materials – no need to remove staples or paper clips. NexCut will shred the paper but won’t accept binders.

The fair is run entirely by volunteers, the Montgomery Township Environmental Commission/Sustainable Montgomery, and their supporters.  It’s the township’s biggest community-wide environmental event.

“Strong community support for 10 years has helped promote environmentally friendly and sustainable actions,” Reece said.

To learn more, become a sponsor, or to find out how to get involved in other ways, go to https://edf.montgomery.nj.us/ or contact Lauren Wasilauski at 908-359-8211 extension 343.

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